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It has been seventeen years since the establishment of our Company in July 1995 during which, I, Kenichi Takano, was formally sworn in as the CEO of the Company.

Our sincere gratitude goes to our customers and all the people involved in this undertaking. Without your support and understanding, our business would not have prospered into what it is today. We would like to re-acknowledge and reaffirm our commitment and responsibility to everyone.

We continue to believe in the undertaking of our Company in its responsibility in evaluating the products our clients commission us for. Our mission is to ensure that these products are delivered more securely and with lesser risk to the market for the consumption of the general public.

To this end and as part of our five-year plan, we are going to expand our services to improving the technical skills in the safety and efficacy category. With regard to the efficacy, we will provide consistent evaluation from in vitrotesting phase to the human study phase. For safety, we will employ in-house toxicologists who will serve as specialists. In doing so, we will be able to render not only evaluation services, but also consulting services.

We shall keep to the core commitments we have from our inception and will move forward with the vision of realizing the happiness of all the people who are relevant to DRC.
Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

July. 1st , 2015
DRC CO., LTD. President and CEO
Kenichi Takano

DRC Philosophy

Our initial intention at the time of the establishment

We will establish an organization with great gratitude for all the people who are relevant DRC, and realize happiness of those people.


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