Clinical trials

Clinical Trials

SPF measurement test

SPF measurement test

We measure the SPF of cosmetics against ultraviolet radiation in our testing facilities in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Japan Cosmetics Industry Association.

Based on standards, a product claiming SPF protection must be clinically tested on at least 10 human volunteer subjects; however, preliminary test results on 2-3 subjects are available as well. We can conduct a final test by adding the required number of human subjects after the evaluation of the preliminary results.

UVAPF measurement test

UVAPF measurement test

We measure the UVA protection factor of ultraviolet protection cosmetics at our test facilities in accordance with the guidelines given by Japan Cosmetics Industry Association.

Similar to the SPF measurement test, the test for PA indication generally needs more than 10 subjects; however, preliminary tests with 2-3 subjects is available as well. We can conduct a final test by adding the required number of human subjects after the evaluation of the preliminary results.

Cosmetic Safety Test

We implement patch tests/allergy tests (RIPT) regularly.
We also conduct tests on the long-term effect of the product through its actual use under normal conditions.

Patch Tests

Patch Tests

We implement the 24-hour closed patch tests or open patch tests conformable to “the guidelines on cosmetic safety evaluations” (Japan Cosmetic Industry Associations). Tests to apply for Quasi drags are also available.

We also offer photo patch tests. During the summer season (June to September) when such tests are subject to perspiration influence, we carry out the tests in the cool city of Sapporo.

Repeat-Insult Patch Test (RIPT)

Repeat-Insult Patch Test (RIPT)

Allergy tests (RIPT) are conducted after sufficient product tests show low risk of skin sensitization. These tests are subject to domestic monitor regulations, which are conformable to the guidelines on cosmetic safety evaluations by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Associations

In case the request is urgent, testing in the US for swifter results can be arranged.

Stinging Tests

Stinging Tests

We check for the presence of subjective sensation of stimulation (stinging simulation), such as transient tingling sensations caused by applying cosmetics with this test.

We select suitable monitors, those who can exhibit accurate stinging sensation to ensure the veracity of our findings.

Long-term Use Tests

Long-term Use Tests

We also offer testing to investigate the potential of a topically applied product to cause skin irritation when exposed to UV radiation. This study is recommended for products intended for extended skin contact.

We draft test plans according to the test content, such as home use tests based on questionnaire survey or long-term continuous use tests including medical examinations by dermatologists, pediatricians, and other specialties such as plastic surgery, ophthalmology and gynecology.

Non-Comedogenic Tests

We accept non-comedogenic tests performed in the US.

Cosmetic-Effectiveness Tests

We conduct clinical trials in our laboratories which are maintained at constant temperature and humidity. Our laboratories are also fully equipped with a variety of skin measurement equipment to evaluate the efficacy of the skin-moisturizing properties, skin-protection function, anti-wrinkle properties, skin lightening aspects and hair growth factors of anti-acne cosmetics.

Our tests plans are drafted from preliminary studies with small population of subjects to a large-scale population according to the requirements of our customers.
Epidemiological surveys for research and study are also available.

Evaluation items

Skin-moisturizing (single use)

We measure the chronological skin-moisture volume in the horny layer after a single application of the product.

Skin-moisturizing (long-term use)

We measure the volume of skin-moisture in the horny layer before and after the long-term application of the product.

Skin-barrier improvement function

We measure the Trans-Epidermis Water Loss (TEWL) in the long-term use of the product.

Improving rough skin

We measure the TEWL or evaluate the skin-condition in the horny layer, applying the product for a certain period after lowering the skin-barrier function artificially with SDS treatment.


We implement the test conformable to the guidelines for the evaluation of anti-wrinkle properties to acquire a new indication evaluation (Japanese Cosmetic Science Society).

  • Visual evaluations and photographic image evaluations of wrinkle grade by skilled technicians.
  • Two-dimensional image analysis with oblique lighting using a replica.
Skin lightening (Effectiveness for freckles reduction)

We evaluate the efficacy of improving pigmentation caused by long-term use of the product for the monitors who have facial skin discoloration.

We evaluate the efficacy of the lightening properties of a product on artificially induced pigmentation through its continuous use.

We evaluate the improving effect of pigmentation caused by continuous use of the product, for pigmentation created artificially with ultraviolet irradiation.

Hair growth

We evaluate the efficacy of hair growth in long-term use of the product.

  • Measuring of hair diameter with phototrichogram method, hair density, hair-growth speed, hair in growing /dormant period comparison
  • Visual evaluation of the degree of hair thinning by skilled evaluators.
Judiciousness of long-term usage of anti-acne cosmetics

We evaluate the judiciousness of long-term usage of a product on monitors who have facial acne vulgaris

  • Dermatologist safety evaluations
  • Hearing of feeling in use
  • Measuring of skin-moisture quantity in the horny layer, sebum quantity and so on.

Measurement equipment

Quantity of skin-moisture in horny layer SKICON-200EX® (YAYOI Co., Ltd.)
Corneometer® CM825
(Courage & Khazaka Electronic GmbH)
Trans-Epidermis Water Loss (TEWL) Vapo scan AS-VT100RS (ASAHI BIOMED)
Tewameter® TM300
(Courage & Khazaka Electronic GmbH)
Skin viscoelasticity Cutometer® MPA580
(Courage & Khazaka Electronic GmbH)
Sebum quantity Sebumeter® SM810
(Courage & Khazaka Electronic GmbH)
Skin color Spectrophotometer CM-2600d
Melanin quantity/Erythema level Mexameter® MX18
(Courage & Khazaka Electronic GmbH)
Digital microscope Digital microscope KH-3000 (Hirox Co., Ltd.)
Laser speckle blood-flow imaging device Omegazone OZ-1 (OMEGAWAVE, Inc.)
Thermography InfRec R500 (Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd.)
Whole-face image analysis device Visia™ Evolution (Canfield Scientific Ltd.)
Two-dimensional image analysis device of replica with oblique lighting ASA-03RXD (ASAHI BIOMED)
Body composition scale InBody 720 (BIOSPACE Co., Ltd.)
Three dimension skin-measuring instruments FaceSCAN 3D(GFMesstechnik GmbH)

Food test

Food test

We cooperate with medical institutes and conduct human trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of food.


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